Downey Personal Injury Attorney

Almost all motorists would agree that car collisions can happen to virtually anyone. In certain cases, however, the accident occurs because another driver was careless or negligent. Many other reasons exist for traffic accidents in Downey as well, such as a general increase of automobiles present on streets and highways. Other factors include road construction and poor driving conditions.

Unfortunately, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also on the increase in various areas of California. In accidents involving drunk drivers, injuries to innocent people are often serious. Additionally, the use of cell phones while driving is a detrimental habit that is on the rise. Although specific statistics regarding collisions resulting from calling or texting while driving are still being gathered, experts agree that this dangerous habit is often a contributing factor to both major and minor accidents.

Qualified Attorneys Obtained Maximum Settlements for Clients

Personal injury cases are best placed in the hands of a qualified attorney. The primary objective of Downey accident attorneys is to help injured clients acquire fair settlements for damages. This compensation usually covers a variety of things, including time missed from work, medical bills, and emotional or mental trauma. Assigning a particular monetary amount to the latter is sometimes a challenging endeavor. However, lawyers who specialize in such cases have the track record and experience determine in advance an amount the client has a high chance of winning. The lawyer usually begins negotiations at once, and most cases of this kind are settled before a trial date.

Time Frame

Motor vehicle accident cases are especially time-sensitive. For this reason, procrastinating is never in the injured party’s best interest. Instead, he or she should contact a legal professional immediately. Otherwise, the client runs the risk of going past the statute of limitations and ruining his or her chances for a monetary award.

Benefits of Representation by the Guldjian Law Firm

Although injured individuals can seek motor vehicle accident compensation without the help of a legal professional, this is not typically in the person’s best interest. Many people have lost cases because the attorney of the party responsible for the wreck found a loophole. This result can be averted when plaintiffs avail themselves of the services of a knowledgeable lawyer. Anyone who has sustained injuries in an accident caused by another motorist should visit a professional Downey personal injury attorney from the Guldjian Law Firm to seek monetary compensation.

Get Help for Your El Monte Car Accident

If you live in El Monte, California, then you know that the area is prone to automobile accidents. You have probably heard of at least one accident that happened along Garvey Road, Peck Avenue or one of the major highways such as I-10. You most likely drive around in El Monte with the highest level of caution in mind. If you were involved in an accident, then your perspective is probably a bit more severe than one of mere caution. You have most likely suffered physical, emotional and mental trauma. El Monte personal injury attorneys can surely help you with that.

Are You the Victim of Neglect?

Most car crashes and other vehicular accidents are born of neglect. That means that someone harmed another person because he or she was not mindful of that person’s safety. One of the leading causes of car accidents is drunk driving. Texting and driving are the next leading cause. Neither drunken drivers nor texting drivers have concern for the other people on the road. You would be a victim of neglect if the other person in your car accident acted in a reckless manner. Speeding, running red lights, tailgating and other acts of traffic disobedience are neglectful, as well.

You Deserve Compensation

Our El Monte car accident attorneys at Guldjian Law, believe that you deserve compensation for all that you have been through. They believe that you should receive cash that covers not only your medical bills but also your household bills. They believe that you should receive additional monies for all of your pain and suffering, as well. You can win both types of compensation if an attorney can prove the neglect. You can contact a firm that can help you at no risk to you or your wallet.

Act Now. Call Today

Guldjian is a law firm that can assist you with all of your personal injury troubles. The firm has been operating for a mighty long time, and the stats are still superior. The firm has had great success with more than 2,300 of its plaintiffs and has collected more than $24 million in compensation. This firm is all about getting you what you deserve. Call now and schedule a risk-free appointment. If you don’t win the case, you don’t pay a dime. How is that for risk free? Get started today by contacting a personal injury attorney in El Monte.