Boy Killed By Collision With Bus Vancouver WA

Saturday Evening, an 11-year-old boy collided with a C-Tran bus shortly before 2 p.m. Benjamin Fulwiler later died from injuries sustained from the incident.

Ben was in the sixth grade attending Pacific Middle School. Multiple teachers advocated his maturity and aspiration were ahead by years.

Deborah Knox, the C-Tran driver, was driving southbound on Main Street and was stopped for oncoming traffic, according to police. the 59-year-old driver was in the process of turning left onto E 27th Street when the bicycle struck the side of the bus.

A surveillance video captured the tragedy from inside the bus, it showed what appeared to be the bicycle’s front wheel colliding with the driver’s side of the bus.

C-Tran spokesperson Steve Patterson said in a statement, “The driver was maker her left turn, the roadway was clear, but then out of nowhere the bicycle came and made contact with the left center of the bus.”

Fulwiler was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and a severed arm. He did not survive the incident.

Locals Lori Wilgus and her 11-year-old son were riding their bicycles in the area after the accident. “It’s sad because I’m aware of how dangerous it is for bikers and people walking,” Wilgus stated. “I’m constantly reminding my son that he needs to imagine every car doesn’t see you and act accordingly, slow down and be patient.”

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