San Bernardino Fire Department Pulls Out Young Man From Crushed Car

A man in his 20’s is now in the hospital recovering from critical injuries he received in a roll-over accident that crushed the roof of his vehicle.  That accident was reported Thursday morning around 11:00 a.m. on the I-215 Orange Show offramp.

Apparently the driver was traveling southbound when he lost control after veering across two traffic lanes, the car then rolled three times where it come to rest after slamming into a K-rail wall.

21-year-old Andrew Simentel of San Bernardino saw the accident and with the help of two other motorists, was able to pull the injured driver out of the smoking wreckage. Simentel gave details of the white Ford Focus and how the driver sustained a large gash on his head.  He also stated that the driver kept saying that his girlfriend was in the vehicle with him, but Simentel and the other motorist never saw a female passenger.

Firefighters then arrived and quickly transported the injured driver to the hospital. They stated that he was very disoriented and confused about what had happened. A helicopter crew searched the area for the female passenger that was supposedly thrown from the vehicle but found nothing. The identity of the driver was not released.

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