San Diego Bicyclist Accident Attorney

The number of bicycle accidents in the United States is quite significant, according to sources such as the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Tens of thousands of people suffer severe injuries and death in bicycle accidents each year. They happen for some avoidable reasons. You may be eligible to receive monetary reimbursement if you have suffered an injury on a bicycle for all of the expenses you accrued. A personal injury attorney like Yasmine Djawadian can help you see clearly and realize what you deserve for your anguish. You can schedule an appointment for a free consultation even if you do not believe you can win. You may just be pleasantly surprised.
Why Bicycle Accidents Occur in California
A large number of accidents occur because of carelessness. Drivers do not watch out for the bicyclist on the road. Narrow bicycling lanes sometimes play a part in the dangers for the bicyclist, but mostly inattentive drivers cause the accidents. Some incidents occur because bicyclists try to listen to music and do other things while they are riding. What ends up happening is that they run into parked cars. In some rare instances, manufacturer defects cause bicycling accidents in California. Chain spoke, and pedal issues can be the culprits in such cases.
What Constitutes Neglect in an Accident
Neglect occurs in any accident when a person fails to look out for another person’s best interests. Neglect can happen when a party does something that causes harm to the other person, as well. An example of a negligent act that can cause a bicycle accident is drinking and driving. Speeding can cause an accident by not allowing the vehicle driver enough time to stop before a collision.
How Yasmine Djawadian Can Help You
Yasmine Djawadian can assist you by proving that the other party was responsible for your bicycling injuries. She will fight to show the neglect that the other party committed. California personal injury laws state that you can receive compensatory damages even if you are partially at fault for the accident. In such a case, the judge would reduce your award by the percentage of your fault in the incident. You could still end up with hundreds of thousand of dollars. You might be able to receive funds for your pain and suffering if the other party was guilty of extreme neglect. Yasmine is an aggressive, dedicated and trustworthy attorney who does not stop until you receive what you deserve.
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