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If You’re Arrested for a DUI, What’s the Typical Response? 

The Stop In the majority of DUI cases, the motorist is pulled over due to indicators of impairment (such as swerving) or a traffic violation (even something minor like a broken taillight will suffice). In general, a stop is legitimate if the officer had probable cause (sometimes referred to as “reasonable suspicion”) to believe the […]

Washington Motorcycle Accidents & Personal Injury Lawsuits

Although the rainy state of Washington is not recognized for its motorcycle-friendly weather, the Evergreen State still has more than 220,000 registered motorcycles—roughly one for every 33 citizens. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are significantly more likely to die or have serious injuries in a crash than passenger car drivers. In this article, we’ll discuss Washington motorcycle […]

Social Security: A look at the changes that will take place in 2022

Almost all Social Security recipients are aware of the most widely known future change: a rise in monthly benefit checks beginning in 2022 as a result of the automated cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA. Indeed, Social Security recipients have very certainly already gotten notification from the Social Security Administration of the impending rise. In 2022, all […]